Hi my name is Suzi Katka.... but I have had the nickname Ella since I was 15 years old,... so call me Ella... all my friends do!!!... I am a widowed mother of two.. my oldest is Samantha 27 and my son Ryan is 19... they are my pride and joy!!!!! I am a Tag Whore lol and joined the world of tagging in Jan 2015 and joined my first tag group Twizted Sisterhood Tagz.  In March I started a small group consisting of friends and we call ourselves The Original Stalker Network.. so we could stalk tag groups and never miss an offer again...LOL.. In April I got my first Admin position in the tag group Luscious Tags.  I began learning the art of tagging myself in August this year and I currently offer my work in Luscious Tags, Twizted Sisterhood Tagz, & Sprinkled Kreations as well as admin in all 3 groups... I hope you enjoy my blog !!

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